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Witches Stairs

The myth that witches built stairs in their backyard is a common urban legend that has been debunked by Reuters Fact Check. Religion and witchcraft historian Robin Briggs says there is no historical record of such a staircase. While there may have been a time when the locals were concerned with witches, there are no references in historical literature to this effect.

Alternative-tread stairs

Alternating tread stairs are designed with uneven steps that make walking up them a different experience. Apparently, this style of staircase first became popular after the Salem witch trials in the 17th century. They were used in homes throughout New England to save space. While they may not have the same effect of witches’ brooms, they are safe and functional.

While alternate tread stairs might sound like a nightmare, they’re actually a great option for small homes. Instead of the traditional straight-tread staircase, these stairs have alternating treads that allow the foot to plant firmly on one tread and the other. Since they’re more difficult to navigate than a standard stairway, alternate tread stairs also require good coordination skills to remember where each foot should be placed. They’re also a good way to keep witches out of your home.

While the idea of witch stairs has been circulating on social media for a while, the truth is that there’s little evidence to support the myth. It’s unlikely that these stairs were created specifically for witches, but a post on Reddit claims that they were popular in New England. Alternative tread stairs have also been praised as a safe, room-saving alternative to conventional stairs. Regardless of the lore, these stairs offer a fresh look to the overall living area.

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are great for a variety of reasons. They can be used as a background in a room, and can be built as tall or as low as you desire. They can also be constructed without breaking beams. To construct a spiral staircase, you must first determine the type of walls you want to use. A wooden planked wall can be an excellent choice for this purpose.

The diameter of spiral stairs can vary. Spiral stairs with a large diameter can accommodate more steps than those with a smaller diameter. To build a spiral staircase with large steps, you will need a strong center column and special handrail. You can also choose between continuous and adjustable treads. For those who prefer a traditional home design, you can choose solid wood treads. They are available in many different species of wood and can be stained if you desire.

Although alternate-tread stairs are not commonly considered witches stairs, they can solve space problems. The alternate-tread design allows your foot to plant firmly on each tread without slipping off. However, it requires a lot of coordination to remember which tread you are on. It is also a good option for homes with small spaces.


A Facebook post and a Reddit thread about a staircase that looks like a witch’s stairwell have gone viral. Previously, the photo was only shared sporadically with descriptions that attributed it to alternating stair treads. As the popularity of the photos increased, so did the number of searches on the term “witches stairs.” The popularity of the term is likely due to social media, but the history of the stairs is still unclear.

Witches stairs have a particular symmetry that gives them an optical illusion. The stairway is split in half and layered on each side in a staggered pattern, giving the illusion of a witch’s staircase. The design also saves space in a small home. In addition to being an eye-catching addition to a home, witches stairs can also double as a leg-day workout.

The stairs have alternating treads, which make walking up and down the stairs a completely different experience. The concept of alternate-tread stairs is said to have originated during the Salem witch trials of the late 17th century. During that time, New England saw many people killed because they were suspected of witchcraft.



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