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Visit the Historic St. Thomas Church in Southwark, London

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St. Thomas Church

If you’re interested in Southwark’s history, you might want to visit St. Thomas Church in Southwark. The church was originally built in 1702 and once housed a hospital. The hospital was moved to Lambeth during the nineteenth century, but the church remained. Originally, the church was named after Thomas Becket, who was butchered by drunken knights in 1170. However, during the reign of Henry VIII, the church was reformed and dedicated to St. Thomas the Apostle, the patron saint of the English church.

Visitors can see the old operating theatre and apothecary in the roof space of St. Thomas Church in Southwark. The church was once home to a hospital, and the attic is still used today. Today, it is home to a museum featuring medieval medical instruments and herbs. Visitors can also visit the church’s Herb Garret, which gives access to the roof space of the church. Usually, only nuns and priests were allowed access to the roof space of a church, but the Herb Garret has allowed the public to tour it and see the original 1822 operating theatre.

St. John Horsleydown

Built in 1733 to the designs of Nicholas Hawksmoor and John James, St. John Horsleydown is one of Southwark’s ecclesiastical parishes. The new parish was created in the area that had been previously part of Southwark St. Olave. This church is a beautiful example of Georgian architecture.

Located in the heart of Southwark, St. John Horsleydown was originally known as St. Olave, which was part of the Metropolitan area. The new parish was created by merging St. Olave and St. John, and is one of London’s most picturesque parokos.

The original church was built in 1733 in a style that reflects the local area. It has an unusually large entrance with a clock in the centre of the building. The church was a popular meeting place in the area. The parish has a rich history that reaches back to medieval times.

In 1855, Southwark parishes came under the Metropolitan Board of Works, the predecessor of the County of London. In the late 19th century, Southwark St. George the Martyr became large enough to have an elected vestry. The remaining parishes, St. John Horsleydown, Southwark St. Olave, and Southwark St. Thomas, became part of a larger district called St. Saviour’s District.

St. Thomas Parish

In 1891, St. Thomas Parish was established. The parish has since completed a new church building that is well-suited for its ministry in the city. Initially, it was a high-society parish, but has since come to accept all people.

St. Thomas Parish Church

The St. Thomas Parish Church is a beautiful and historic church located in Southwark, London. The building was part of the original St Thomas’ Hospital, which was moved in 1212 from the priory of St Mary Overie. The building was also an Augustinian house.

Until the nineteenth century, St. Thomas Hospital was located in Southwark, but moved to Lambeth. The church itself became redundant in 1899 when the Charing Cross Railway Company bought the building to redevelop London Bridge. Consequently, the parish of St. Thomas Church became a part of the Southwark Cathedral. Eventually, the church was converted into a chapter house. In the 20th century, the church has been used for a variety of uses.

The St. Thomas Parish Church in Southwark is one of the oldest churches in London. It was originally part of St. Thomas’ Hospital, which was moved in 1212 to the area around St. Thomas Street. It was also an Augustinian house.



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