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The Reno-Verdi Justice of the Peace Department 2

departments — Reno/Verdi, Sparks, Wadsworth/Gerlach and Incline Village — with each seat on six-year terms.

Democrat Kendra Bertschy and Republican Cotter Conway are running for Department 2 on the ballot this November.

Administrative duties

Besides deciding the biggest cases and disputes, the reno-verdi justice of the peace department 2 has many other duties to perform. One of the most important is to maintain order in the courtroom, which includes preventing the passageway to the bar from being blocked and ensuring that attorneys, parties, and witnesses enter the room as they are scheduled.

Other administrative responsibilities include keeping track of filings and providing reports to judges. Additionally, they have to solve calendar issues and resolve procedural and policy disputes between the various court departments. They may also be responsible for setting the trial of a case at a time that is convenient to all parties involved, as well as arranging for any overflow work from another department to be heard in their department. This is a big job, so it is important to have experienced people on the job. Consider supporting these candidates to help keep Reno-Verdi a great place to live and work.


Whether deciding on a traffic offense or a small claims case, a judge’s judgments are important and impactful to the parties involved. They are also significant to the community as a whole, because they can affect how people view their neighbors and make or break relationships.

Among the candidates for reno-verdi justice of the peace department 2 are two experienced attorneys with deep roots in northern Nevada. Siobhan McAndrew and Cotter Conway are both lawyers who have served as judges pro tem in the court.

They both say the job is much more than officiating weddings, a common misconception. They say a judge’s decisions can have lasting effects on people and the community, including evictions, protective orders and civil judgement enforcement. They are running to fill a vacancy left by the retirement of Pete Sferrazza. They both hope to help Democrats win up and down the ballot. Their campaign includes raising money to get out the vote.


As the judicial branch of government, Reno Justice Court judges make important decisions that have a real impact on their communities. These decisions can involve a variety of issues, from traffic offenses and small claims to evictions and protective orders. A justice of the peace has a unique position that allows them to address these issues, and they are often referred to as the “smart judge” because they have knowledge of their communities.

A former attorney and judge pro tem, Cotter Conway has a lengthy resume. His latest gig is as a part-time Court Referee for Reno Justice court for traffic and small claims cases. He’s running for a seat that has been vacant since 2020, courtesy of retiring justice Pete Sferrazza. He’s up against Gemma Greene Waldron. Others vying for the honors include Heidi Waterman, who’s running as a Republican in Assembly District 24 and Rajan Zed, who’s competing in the Verdi TV District race.


As a Justice of the Peace, your duties may involve presiding over court days dominated by traffic offenses and small claims cases. It’s also common to hear about evictions, protective orders and other issues that affect the community.

The reno-verdi justice of the peace department 2 seat is up for election this year, with a three-person primary race. The winner will take over from Pete Sferrazza, who has resigned after 13 years in the position.

It’s not easy to be a Justice of the Peace. It requires years of education, training and experience. And the job can be incredibly rewarding. You can make a difference in people’s lives by being the first point of contact for litigants. As a Justice of the Peace, you can play a role in shaping the future of Northern Nevada and the communities you serve. We hope you’ll consider joining us on this journey. We look forward to your feedback and comments!



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