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The Best Places to Visit in the Kimberley

Kimberley is the capital and largest city of South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Famous for its diamonds and historic significance, it is also home to an impressive range of tourist attractions.

The Kimberley Process is a global initiative that aims to eliminate conflict diamonds from the market. However, it has been criticised for its slow progress.


Broome is a beach resort town that’s on the cusp of the Indian Ocean and the Kimberley region. It’s a place that will take your breath away with its dramatic natural landscapes and intriguing pearling history. The city’s red sandstone cliffs and turquoise waters are a feast for the eyes, and there’s a kaleidoscope of activities on offer.

Explore the cosmopolitan character of Chinatown, or take a cruise to local pearl farms on Roebuck Bay. Or take in the sweeping view from Cable Beach, which is 22km of bone-white sand and aquamarine water, framed by a stunning sunset. It’s also home to a world-famous cinema and a museum that displays the largest fine-quality round pearl in Australia.

The Kimberley is a remote region in northern Western Australia that’s teeming with stunning natural attractions. From waterfalls to dinosaur footprints and freshwater swimming holes, this rugged coastline will steal your heart.

You can experience the Kimberley’s natural wonders by boat or on an organised tour. Discover the horizontal falls of Horizontal Gorge, delve into the rocky gorges at Purnululu National Park or take a 4WD expedition to the Bungles – all on an organised tour that’s designed to make your time in this magical wilderness as relaxed as possible.

On a guided tour, you’ll learn about the Indigenous history of the area from an expert guide who knows every trail and will enlighten you with stories along the way. You’ll also visit a mangrove forest, where you can listen to bush tucker tales and see native Aussie animals in the wild.

At the end of your journey, you’ll relax at an eco-retreat or resort and sleep under the stars with the call of the kangaroos and bilbies lulling you to sleep. This way, you’ll feel like you’ve really lived the Kimberley life and have made a true contribution to this pristine landscape.

During the full moon from March to November, Broome’s mud flats are exposed and the cliffs of Roebuck Bay are lit up by an optical illusion known as the ’staircase’ to the moon. This magical phenomenon is only visible during these months, so be sure to book your trip at the right time!


Located in the heart of England, Derby is an excellent place to visit. It is a bustling city that offers plenty of things to see and do. It also has great shopping, restaurants and a fine theatre.

The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, and you can find some incredible museums that will help you learn about the history of the area. The most famous of these is the Joseph Wright Museum, which displays many of the artist’s paintings.

You can also visit the Botanical Gardens and Wharfinger’s House Museum. In addition to these, the Royal Flying Doctor Base and School of the Air is also worth a visit.

The climate in Derby is generally mild and humid. The dry season lasts from April to November and features very little rain, warm days and mild nights.

In contrast, the wet season lasts from December to March and features erratic rainfall. In some years, there may be no rain at all, and in other years more than the average annual rainfall can fall in a single month.

One of the most high-profile derbies in the world is Manchester United vs. Manchester City. It’s a game that many people around the world love to watch, and it is always an exciting match.

There are many other high-profile derbies in the UK, including Real Madrid vs Barcelona and Liverpool vs Everton. These matches have become hugely popular over the years and are definitely worthy of the derby title.

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you can still enjoy watching derby games. In fact, you can even get tickets to watch these events!

The weather in Derby is a hot semi-arid climate (Koppen BSh). It has a short, highly variable wet season that features very warm days and very cool nights.

You can also visit the Botanical Garden and Wharfinger’s House Museum in Derby. There are also many hotels, motels, self-catering accommodation and caravan parks in the town.

The city is a major centre for manufacturing in the East Midlands. It is home to the UK’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, and also has several major engineering firms. The University of Derby is located in the city, and it has a diverse population of students from all over the world.


Wyndham is a port and service centre for the east Kimberley, 2,210 km northeast of Perth. It was established as a result of a gold rush at Halls Creek in 1886, and has a population of 800 people today.

The town of Wyndham is situated on the Cambridge Gulf, surrounded by tidal marshlands and the five rivers which enter the gulf. Its outskirts are also home to Western Australia’s first Crocodile Park, excellent fishing and horse riding trails, exciting wildlife, secluded billabongs and many fine historical buildings.

In addition to a range of attractions, the Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley is also known for its natural beauty and its many kilometres of white sandy beaches. This region is one of the most remote and least explored parts of Australia, and the surrounding areas offer spectacular scenery and a wealth of activities for visitors to enjoy.

The area is also renowned for its saltwater crocodiles, so it is important to be careful when swimming and if you go out on a boat. You will also need to keep in mind that the water is very deep here, so it is best to use a life vest when you are out in the water.

To help visitors explore the area, the Shire has a variety of maps and information available online. These include a detailed map of Wyndham and a map of the shire.

It is possible to embed and share these maps on your website or blog. Just use the Free map button on top of the page.

When you click on the ‘Share’ button, a new tab will open where you can paste the code for the map. This will allow you to share the map on social media, email it to friends or add it to a website.

This map is in the JPEG format and is high quality. You can even print it from your browser or download it to your computer!

The Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley contains two towns and a large number of small indigenous communities. The economy is based on agriculture, the pastoral industry and mining. The shire also has a number of tourist attractions including a museum, a crocodile park and the five rivers that enter the Cambridge Gulf.

Fitzroy Crossing

The Kimberley region is a place of stunning natural beauty. This is especially true of the Fitzroy Crossing region, where you can take in the gorges and caves.

A number of significant cultural sites are found in the region, such as Mimbi Caves which is home to one of the oldest Indigenous communities in Australia, the Gooniyandi. Indigenous tours offer visitors a chance to see the rock art, learn about bush tucker and traditional medicines, and listen to stories from the area’s ancient past.

Geikie Gorge National Park is another popular attraction for visitors to Fitzroy Crossing. It is an important wildlife habitat for a variety of creatures. You can view rock wallabies, euros and many species of birds in this pristine park.

You can also walk through Geikie Gorge on a guided tour of the park. You will hear about the geology of the gorge, see how the water cuts through the rock and learn about the diverse habitats in the area.

In the town of Fitzroy Crossing, you can find a small but historic hotel called the Crossing Inn. This is a great place to stop off and have a drink or some food before heading out to explore the gorges.

The town of Fitzroy Crossing is a hub for the communities of the Fitzroy Valley. It serves as the main shopping centre, as well as a location for many regional service providers. People come into the town for recreational activities such as fishing and sports at the recreation center, shopping (mainly for groceries), visiting family and friends, or to attend appointments with a hospital or other government agency.

As a result, many of the businesses in the region are dependent on their road network. This is a challenge during flood season, when the roads are inundated with debris and blocked.

In response to this challenge, Main Roads is progressing with plans to construct a low-level floodway crossing on the river. This will provide a more permanent alternative until the Fitzroy Crossing Bridge is replaced.



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