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Swiftqueue to Expand Across the UK and Ireland

The Irish startup Swiftqueue plans to expand its services across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is co-founded by Declan Donohoe and Brendan Casey. They believe in providing a service that can help people find the best taxis quickly and easily. They also want to make this service more affordable for customers. If you’re looking for a good taxi service in Ireland, Swiftqueue may be the right choice for you.

Casey Donohoe

SwiftQueue is an Irish start-up that provides background checks for businesses. Its co-founders, Brendan Casey and Declan Donohoe, have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Before launching SwiftQueue, they worked at recruitment firms and the Bank of Ireland. SwiftQueue’s Dublin office is located at the Trinity Enterprise Centre. The company has attracted EUR50,000 in funding from Enterprise Ireland and DCU Ryan Academy.

The solution is a web-based platform that can work on both PCs and mobile devices. SwiftQueue also has an HTML5 app in the works that can be used on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The team behind SwiftQueue interviewed a number of healthcare professionals and found that unfilled appointments are a major source of frustration for healthcare providers and clinics.

SwiftQueue has been adopted by a range of medical practices and specialties. In 2014, it became an approved supplier for the NHS. The company is also working on R&D and developing additional modules for the system, such as electronic referrals and patient results. The company’s immediate goal is to be the appointment platform of choice for healthcare providers. It plans to expand outside of Dublin and is already in talks with many hospitals.

The company’s innovative cloud-based solution is designed to streamline patient access to healthcare services. Its platform is adaptable to many care pathways, disciplines, and settings, and can be deployed quickly and easily. As healthcare organizations face increasing pressure from increasing patient demand, they must find ways to improve their workflow. With Swiftqueue, healthcare organizations can manage patient waiting lists more effectively and efficiently.



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