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Su Yiwen and Wen Lingzhao

Su Yiwen is an academic who has been teaching in Chinese for over thirty years. Her work as a professor has been both rewarding and challenging. She is known for her passion for teaching and her willingness to work hard to help her students succeed. She currently serves as an adjunct instructor at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also the chairwoman of the board of directors for the Philadelphia International Education Foundation.

Early life[edit]

If we can take a look at the early life of Su Yi, we will see that he is also one of those who opens the chaotic world and build the roots of heaven and earth. In the past, his father was the official of another city, but he was transferred to the capital city a half year ago. His mother is Yuwen Qi’s cousin, but her rank is not high. But in her eyes, she has a heavenly lust for Su family member. And so, she invited him to come to the city.

When Su Yi arrived, Lu Yan was there. Afterwards, Kong Shen and Meng Changyun came to greet him. But after they saw him, they calmed down. And then they all went to the temple, to the place where a purple thundercloud hung above. After that, they left the sea of chaos and entered the temple.

But this time, he sat cross-legged and covered with light. He had a wine glass in his hand. He said that he was confident that he would beat the great achievement of the spectator master. He looked at Jin Chi. Then, he took a deep breath. He then stepped into the life realm. This is the same life realm where Lin Xun lives. It is the civilization of the era where Lin Xun is living. It is foreshadowing of the ‘Era of Lingwu’.

The ‘Era of Lingwu’ is the foreshadowing of the re-emergence of the Xuanhuang star world. Later generations call it ‘the return of the myth’.

Personal life[edit]

Wen Lingzhao was a woman who had a lot of beauty. She was famous among young talents. However, she didn’t let the world know her real personality. Su Yi had noticed her. Then he asked her about her opinion. Wen Lingzhao didn’t answer, but she had a chilly expression. She was pretending to be cold, but the truth was quite different.

Wen Lingzhao was actually a disciple of the Heavenly Origin Academy, one of the most prestigious cultivation grounds in the ‘Heavenly Origin State’. Wen Lingzhao had a lot of martial dao talent. She was recommended to go to the Academy to cultivate. Her classmates would be shocked at her, but she was happy. Her brows were slanted like mountains, and her body was bare. Then, she had a green dress like jade. The slender legs were crossed. Wen Lingzhao had an appearance that no one could resist.

The second uncle of Wen Lingzhao had embroidered robes. He also had a slender and pale face. He didn’t seem to have a big impact on Su Yi’s mind. But he was definitely not as cold as Wen Lingzhao. He had a unique mature charm. He didn’t dare to make a move against the marriage of Su Yi and Wen Lingzhao.



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