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Profootballtalk Review

Profootballtalk (PFT) is one of America’s first sports-blogging sites. Mike Florio launched PFT in 2001 after writing for various fly-by-night websites.

Often referred to as the “Rumor Mill,” PFT’s reporting has become a go-to source for NFL fans and insiders alike. It’s a tasty mix of insider whispers, reasoned speculation, and compelling outrage.

It’s a blog is a sports news blog that specializes in concentrated NFL insight, often from Mike Florio. The site has a blog format with short posts and links to original sources, and often provides a deep dive on a particular NFL story. It also features a robust comment section with plenty of truth, wit and unusual punctuation. The website is often considered one of the nation’s first sports-bloggers, and it was the site where Florio started to write NFL stories and rumors on a regular basis. The site has a reputation for being an uncensored place where you can find anything from Jared Fogle/Subway prison rape jokes to arguing with the Jaguars mascot, and that has earned it a following among fans.

It’s a rumor mill

Founded by sports attorney Steve Florio in 2001, is a website that concentrates on NFL news and information, including injuries, fantasy football, officiating and more. Often referred to as PFT, the site has a blog format and posts short articles that include links to sources and commentary from Florio. Occasionally, it also features a live chat between Florio and a NBC Sports commentator. This is a great way for fans to get a closer look at the game and to interact with the pros. But it can be hard to tell whether a report on PFT is accurate or not.

It’s a source

The NFL-specific comment section of is often considered one of the most honest and frank places to write about sports on the internet. Originally founded by Mike Florio, PFT began as a fly-by-night website that allowed him to publish his own stories and rumors. The site grew in popularity, especially after Florio published reports on the sexual assault lawsuits of Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick. He also has a TV show, Pro Football Talk Live, that airs on NBC Sports.

Florio is one of the original sports bloggers in America and was a major force when he started writing on the internet back in the early 2000’s. He was probably one of the first to post sassy comments and witticisms that would be deemed as vulgar by some today. He was also a pioneer in the sport of Internet rumor milling and was one of the first people to really capitalize on it.

It’s a legal nightmare

Profootballtalk, a website run by sports fanatics, specializes in a variety of sports related topics including NFL news, fantasy football, and injuries. Founded by Pittsburgh native Tony Florio, PFT has been around since 2001 and reportedly makes more than a million dollars per year in advertising revenue. It is also one of the most popular sports websites on the web. Despite the site’s popularity, it is not without controversy. As a matter of fact, it is a source of some of the most salacious rumors and other NFL gossip. Some even claim that some of it is a bit misleading.



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