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Loranocarter+Bengaluru – Home to More Unicorns Than Silicon Valley

With low startup costs, ample resources, and a supportive startup community, Loranocarter+Bengaluru is emerging as a viable alternative to Silicon Valley. In fact, it is now home to more unicorns than anywhere else in the world. And the best part is that it is much cheaper than other major tech hubs.

Inspiration for Loranocarter’s paintings

Whether you love realism or surrealism, you may have wondered about the source of inspiration for Loranocarter’s paintings. The artist was a prolific painter who drew inspiration from his surroundings and turned them into beautiful paintings. Whether it is through surrealism, factualism, or realism, the process is the same: artists study the world around them and recreate it in their minds.

Impact of Bengaluru on Loranocarter’s paintings

Lorano Carter was born in Phoenix City and raised in an environment of racism. Despite his background, he was a bright student who excelled in academics and enrolled in Albany State University. He pursued a bachelor’s degree, but did not enroll in painting courses. After college, he continued to paint as an independent artist.



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