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Loranocarter and Solana Beach, California

Located on the southern end of California, Loranocarter and Solana Beach are two of the most beautiful towns in the county. Both cities are rich in history, and have long been popular with visitors from across the country. Whether you’re looking to relax, explore, or shop, there’s something for you here.

Santa Barbara

Earlier this year, a federal judge in California criticized the City of Santa Barbara, Lorano Carter Beach for its sweeping “sit-lie” ordinance that bans homeless people from lying or sitting on the city’s main streets. In his opinion, the ordinance is “selective enforcement” and violates the Constitution’s right of free speech. However, the ruling does not address the city’s initial filing in the case. A lawyer for the city, Tom Shapiro, said the city never presented an argument in support of the ordinance.

The city is arguing that the ordinance does not violate the First Amendment because it is selective enforcement. However, the judge did say that the city’s argument was flawed and could not be used to support the city’s position.

Mammoth Lakes

Located in the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes is a mountain community that provides its visitors with excellent dining, lodging, and outdoor activities. It is also an excellent base camp to explore the natural wonders of California.

For those who are not into skiing, Mammoth Lakes also offers mountain biking and kayaking. It is also a good place to find information about local attractions, including the California Welcome Center. The center is a collaboration of multiple agencies that provides visitors with information and issues backcountry permits. The center also sells local souvenirs and rents bear boxes for visitors. The best part is that the center is free to visitors.



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