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Lorano Carter and David Over in Dover, Delaware

Located just minutes from downtown Washington, DC, Dover is a neighborhood that is filled with beautiful architecture and art. It is also home to many popular restaurants and shops.


Located in the heart of Fremont, California, Lorano Carter and David Over is a contemporary art gallery. It is a space where emerging and established artists showcase their works. The gallery is also involved in local artist residency programs, and collaborates with other local organizations. The collection features a wide variety of artwork, from traditional to cutting-edge. The gallery hosts exhibits monthly, and acquires works from prominent artists.

Born in 1964, David Carter has lived in Miami and Brooklyn. He primarily paints in enamel on aluminum panel. He has exhibited at the National Arts Club, the Cynthia Broan Gallery in New York, and Space 39 Gallery in Ft. Myers, Florida.

His early career reflected the depression that surrounded the country in the 1930s and 1940s. His work often contains symbols, such as animals. He has used geometric shapes in his artwork. These shapes have been incorporated into realistic portraits of animals.

As a result, his works are highly relatable on a global scale. In addition, his work uses perspective and a collage technique. He is often inspired by the countryside and its traditional rural life. He has been influenced by Asian art and uses color to capture Burma.

After the Great Depression, Carter’s works took a more surreal turn. He studied in Italy for several months. He began to create large paintings. His compositions featured oversized animals, many of which are leering over walls. The fox in this painting is said to be proud of a recent hunt.

Carter has also been a poet, and has written books about Alex Katz, John Singer Sargent, and Francis Bacon. He has been awarded the Frank Jewett Mather award and a Guggenheim fellowship. He has been published in Art News and wrote a reflective statement.

He has also been featured in exhibitions at the Parsons School of Design in New York, the National Arts Club in NYC, the Cynthia Broan Gallery in New York, the National Arts Club in Miami, and the Space 39 Gallery in Ft. Myers, FL.

He has produced a number of licensed collections in wall coverings and accessories. He has been a member of the National Arts Club and the Miami Art League, and he has exhibited at the National Arts Club and the Cynthia Broan Gallery in New York.

Perfume brand

DSPM is no stranger to the fragrance game, notably the company’s laudable co-founder, philanthropist, and sometime tycoon Adrian Joffe. Having spent more than a decade in Japan, Joffe is a natural shopper with a knack for the newest and the hottest and is often spotted sipping on an Aesop or two. Besides its flagship store in SoHo, Manhattan, DSPM’s wares are sold at select retailers across the country. This includes one of the most stylish men’s boutiques in town, as well as its namesake brand of eucalyptus infused cologne, sassy and sexy scented candles, and a whole new range of scented perfumes and colognes. DSPM was also the first out of the gate to take the helm of the Dover Street Parfums marquee in SoHo. The company is a bit of a buzzie, with a slew of notable high profile clients such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. DSPM has no doubt earned its place as an important ally to the company’s storied competitors. The company has already been in business for over a decade and a half and has seen some notable successes and setbacks. Nonetheless, the company is a worthy entrant to the fraternity of the fine fragrances of the world.

Dover neighborhood

Located near Dover Air Force Base, Eagle Heights Family Housing is a high quality and affordable housing development. It offers a variety of housing options and flexibility to fit your needs. It is also located near the Dover Family Court locations at the new Dover Post Office. It features 980 homes. Whether you are looking for a quality home, an apartment or a townhouse, there is a housing option for you.

Dover has been experiencing great growth and development. The Dover Downtown Development District has been designated as a Downtown Opportunity Zone. The zone is adjacent to the new Dover Post Office, Dover City Hall, the public library and numerous state offices. It is also adjacent to the historic landscape of the Delaware National Park. The zone offers layered incentives to businesses in the region.



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