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How to Configure a Node Unblocker Web Proxy

Node Unblocker is a web proxy

You can configure most aspects of the Node Unblocker web proxy through the config object. Most of the proxy functionality is implemented as middleware. Consequently, you can selectively enable features of the proxy as required. The config object accepts a number of properties, including the prefix property, which indicates the path to the proxy. The Node Unblocker web proxy also has a Python API that makes it easy to work with.

It allows users to bypass internet filters

A node unblocker allows you to bypass internet filters and access restricted sites. For instance, if you are trying to play Roblox in your school, you may be blocked because your school’s firewall doesn’t allow it to load. Fortunately, there are several different ways to circumvent firewalls and access any website, including the Roblox website.



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