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AARP Games

AARP Games has several features to keep you entertained. Members have access to additional levels on selected games and can share game recommendations with friends. There are also daily crossword puzzles available. Cash sweepstakes are also available. AARP members can play the games for free. Members can also enter the AARP Games contest to win cash prizes.

AARP’s new Right Again! Trivia game

AARP has a new trivia game available online. This free game combines puzzles, trivia, and fun to give you an opportunity to test your knowledge. It’s the perfect way to let your inner genius play. You can even sign up for an upcoming trivia game, even if you don’t have a team. Signing up is free and you won’t have to worry about selecting a team because you’ll be randomly assigned one.

The AARP website has several different games for members to play. Some are easy, while others are more difficult. The easy ones are puzzles, while the harder ones require more strategy. Word games are the hardest but can be the most rewarding. The game is great for seniors of any age group and can be played for as long as you’d like.

There are many other games for senior citizens to play on the AARP website, as well. There’s a Sudoku game, a word game, and a crossword game. The games are addictive and can help you improve your spelling and memory. You can play the AARP games online or on your mobile device. The website also offers several other fun activities, such as brain teasers and educational games.

Daily crossword puzzles

Daily crossword puzzles are part of the AARP Games program and are available free online. You will need a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection to play these games. The objective is to find the hidden words in the puzzle grid. There are several difficulty levels, and new puzzles are added daily.

The daily crossword puzzles are written by renowned crossword writer Stanley Newman, and they include puzzles for beginners as well as veterans of the game. Designed to get your mind moving, these puzzles are great mental warm-ups that are free to play.

AARP has several games for players to try, and these games are designed to challenge the brain while promoting healthy aging. You can play Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels and even try your hand at Mahjong. Various categories are available, including strategy games, puzzle games, and word games. Word games are the most difficult to complete, but can be very rewarding.

Cash sweepstakes

If you enjoy playing games online, then you might be interested in entering the AARP Games Cash Sweepstakes. The prize pool includes a $10,000 grand prize and six AARP RealPads. To enter, you must be a member of AARP. You can enter once during the Promotion Period.

You will be notified by email, and you will be required to complete a Declaration of Compliance, Liability Waiver, and Publicity Release. In addition, you must also submit a W-9 form to the IRS. All of these documents must be received by the Administrator no later than five (5) days after the date of notice or attempt to notify you. If you are under the age of majority, you must have a parent or legal guardian complete these forms for you.

You can also enter by mail. The home page of AARP offers a link to enter the sweepstakes. In order to enter, you need to log in with your AARP Rewards account. If you do not have an AARP account, you can use your mailing address.

AARP Games is available on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. The site is optimized for Chrome and Safari web browsers. If you enjoy playing games, you’ll enjoy the variety of games available. AARP Games also has great puzzle, word, and sports games.



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